A/G - Rack Supported Structures

  • Rack Supported Structures: Pallet Rack and Cantilever Rack Can Support Buildings and Structures

    When a company runs out of warehouse space, it’s not always essential to build or lease a new warehouse. There is a less expensive option: a rack supported structure.

    Assuming you have the land and authorization to build such a structure, rack supported buildings are a clever combination of pallet rack and warehouse space.

    The basic idea behind rack supported buildings is: a complete pallet rack system becomes the structural support for the entire building. Instead of using support beams or columns to hold up the roof, pallet rack or cantilever rack holds up the roof and surrounding walls. The floor generally consists of a concrete slab foundation.

    A rack supported structure could be a low-cost compromise for your business, and here’s why:

    • Building columns are not necessary, saving space in the structure and allowing more freedom in pallet rack design.
    • Ceilings can be several stories high.
    • It costs less to build a rack supported building because the structure requires fewer building materials.
    • The pallet rack supported building is easier to move and adapt to your changing business.
    • A small or temporary pallet rack supported structure can be constructed alongside your existing warehouse or building.
    • Depending on the tax code that applies to your company, you might be able to write off your pallet rack supported building as an equipment expense.

    Pallet rack supported structures are not for every business, but they are a good possibility for companies storing items that don’t need extensive protection from the outdoor elements. Call A&A Surplus Inc. at 1-800-826-5326 and our pallet rack experts will be happy to speak with you about expanding your warehouse capabilities.

    New and Used Pallet Rack and Industrial Shelving for Increased Productivity and Organization of Warehouses and Facilities Nationwide

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