A/G - Warehouse Space

  • Pallet Rack Increases Warehouse Space

    The signs have been around for some time but it’s finally time to face the grim reality: It appears your warehouse is running out of space. You may have a good pallet rack system in place, but successful companies grow and change over time. What are the signs that it could be time to upgrade your pallet rack system?

    • Space is at 80 to 85 percent capacity.
    • New equipment won’t fit, even if you need it to serve your customers.
    • It’s a struggle to store new inventory coming in.
    • At full inventory, very few of your storage areas are empty.
    • There’s clutter on the floor.
    • Employees are getting in each other’s way and bumping into each other.
    • There’s low employee morale and high employee turnover.
    • Products are being damaged when loading or unloading.
    • The pallet rack is being damaged.
    • Shipping errors are more frequent.
    • It takes more time to ship items.
    • Inbound trucks have to wait in line so they can unload.
    • To get something from your storage racks, you often have to move something else out of the way.
    • You’re having trouble locating merchandise.

    Thankfully, there are many styles of pallet rack to choose from, some of which can squeeze more space out of your warehouse and greatly improve warehouse optimization. Call A&A Surplus Inc. at 1-800-826-5326. Our pallet rack experts have countless ideas about making your warehouse space more efficient. By helping you with warehouse design and pallet rack options, A&A Surplus Inc. will find a way to get your warehouse running more smoothly.

    New and Used Pallet Rack and Industrial Shelving for Increased Productivity and Organization of Warehouses and Facilities Nationwide

    With multiple locations of new and used pallet rack, A&A Surplus Inc. is sure to have what you are looking for at the price you need it. A&A Surplus Inc.’s used pallet rack is inspected to ensure quality and reliability. When you purchase used pallet rack from A&A Surplus, you can rest assured that you are getting quality pallet rack at a great value.

    A&A Surplus offers different styles of new and used pallet rack including, structural, roll formed, push back, and much more. Our used cantilever rack is perfect for holding all your hard-to-store items, such as pipes and lumber, while our used metal shelving is especially affordable and environmentally friendly. To make the most of your space and keep items off the floor, A&A Surplus Inc. also offers wall mounted shelving, which can be custom fit to your needs.

    A&A Surplus Inc.’s new and used wire shelving is perfect for light storage. This type of shelving makes any space appear larger by letting light pass through the wire. Plus, if you ever have a fire, wire shelving lets the water through rather than blocking it, allowing the water to mitigate the effects of the flames.

    A&A Surplus Inc. also offers drive-in pallet rack, new and used, for your heavier-duty storage needs. Perfect for large warehouses, drive-in pallet rack, as the name suggests, allows you to drive a forklift or other machinery through it so you can move and maneuver heavier items.

    Regardless of the type of new or used pallet rack you choose from our wide selection, you’re sure to be impressed with the quality and lasting integrity of all of our products. Call A&A Surplus Inc. today for the best prices, products, and services.