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  • Pallet Rack Terminology from A&A Surplus Inc.

    If you were to compile a list of pallet rack terminology, you would literally find thousands of terms relating to pallet rack. Pallet rack may seem like a simple enough concept—basically shelving for merchandise and other commercial applications—but in reality, pallet rack is a complicated business not to be taken lightly. As an example, here is a very basic list of pallet rack terminology:

    • Upright frames—the vertical columns that support the shelving and pallets
    • Horizontal beams—the horizontal bars that are either used as shelves, or support shelves and pallets
    • Pallets—a flat square or rectangular structure that is used to support goods while being lifted and moved by a forklift or pallet jack.
    • Low density—a type of pallet rack storage that favors the ability to find, select, and reach goods, instead of the ability to store goods in a dense fashion
    • High density—a type of pallet rack storage that favors packing a large amount of goods in a small space, but the goods are less accessible
    • Supply chain logistics management—controlling the efficient and effective movement and storage of goods from manufacture to pallet rack to consumption
    • Warehouse inventory labels—signage and labels used to identify everything from safety issues in the warehouse to items stored on the pallets

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