• Installation, Teardown, & Relocation Services

  • In today’s market you must service your customers! That’s why we have made A&A Surplus Inc. your one stop shop when it comes to Material Handling equipment. With A&A Surplus Inc. you can buy everything you need to outfit your new or existing warehouse with one call.

    We have everything from dock equipment to conveyor controls and can handle everything from design and layout to shipping and installation. As you can see, at A&A Surplus Inc. we take our customer’s needs and concerns very seriously. We’ll work with you to get your ideas from paper to real world solutions that enable you to realize return on your investments in months instead of years.

    In our pursuit to improve, we welcome suggestions about how to serve you even better. We have added several new services because of your recommendations. Here are just a few ways we have improved our ability to serve you even better.

  • Consulting

  • At A&A Surplus Inc. we sell more than just equipment, we sell solutions.
It is important to incorporate the latest in technological solutions if you wish to be competitive in today’s market. At A&A Surplus Inc. our people are seasoned professionals when it comes to assisting customers like yourself in making the right choices in material handling. 
    Our staff has helped hundreds of companies big and small.
2009 marks A&A Surplus Inc.’s 70 year anniversary as a turn-key material handling solutions provider. At A&A Surplus Inc. you’ll find solutions specialists trained to assist our clients with everything from initial design & layout to project management, programming and system integration and implementation of the solutions we provide.
    At A&A Surplus Inc. you’ll find a consultant staff that is made up of seasoned material handling veterans with proven track records of successfully designing and implementing systems that are both effective yet efficient, and cutting edge yet field proven.
    Whether a clients needs are simple storage rack or as sophisticated as programming AS/RS & automated sortation conveyors, A&A Surplus Inc. has the equipment the people and the solutions to get the job done.

  • Design and Layout

  • At A&A Surplus Inc. we incorporate everything from the latest in CAD computer technology to old fashion pen, pencil and a full pot of coffee in an effort to give our customers designs and layouts that are second to none.

    Innovative and efficient layouts, project support….it’s all about customer service at A&A Surplus Inc.. Our design and layout people are great at analyzing your facility to help you find the best options possible. This type of extra service enables you to get the maximum utilization out of your facility.

    We want you to feel confident that when you give us your business, we have the people, the knowledge, and the technology to be there when you need us.

  • Installation, Relocation & Asset Recovery

  • Correctly installed equipment is not only a good idea – in many cases, building codes and regulations require extensive testing and safety checks that most of our clients are not aware of.

    We have several professional and qualified teams across the country who can professionally install or tear out material handling equipment in a timely manner so you don’t have to “sweat the small stuff.”

    In addition to tearing out your unused material handling equipment, we are always looking to purchase used racks, conveyors and more and can assist you in selling your unused equipment so you don’t just have to throw it all away.

  • Engineering & Technical Support

  • When specialized projects arise that require the utmost attention, our technical support team immediately gets involved. Adam Brownstein is one of the best in the business when it comes to projects requiring special design and engineering analysis.

    Dave Stewart heads up our conveyor operations. Over the years, Dave has earned a solid reputation for finding practical, field proven solutions for even the most complex of customers needs.

    Larry Brownstein, another of our conveyor experts pays meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship and assures customers that the equipment will be installed and working to their satisfaction.