Cantilever Rack

  • New Structural Cantilever Rack

    New Cantilever In Stock

    Towers :
    11,600 lbs. cap. single sided
    23,200 lbs. cap. double sided

    -12’ Structural Towers……………..$299 each
    -16’ Structural Towers……………..$399 each

    48" Single Side Bases……………$129 each
    60" Single Side Bases……………$159 each (Coming Soon)

    2 Bases Needed for Double Side

    48″ × 4″ Arms (2,750 lbs. cap.)……….$59 each
    60″ × 4″ Arms (2,100 lbs. cap.)……….$65 each (Coming Soon)

    Brace Sets For 12’ Towers
    48" ……..$125 each
    Brace Sets For 16’ Towers
    48" ……..$159 each

    Brace Sets For 12’ Towers
    60" ……..$149 each
    Brace Sets For 16’ Towers
    60" ……..$195 each

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  • USED Modular Steel Bar Storage Racks

    Modular Steel Bar Storage Racks

    19"L x 14"W x 18"H

    3,700# Capacity

    70 Available

    $59 ea

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  • New Rolled Form Cantilever Racking Out of Stock

  • New Cantilever Rack Sold Below “Used” Pricing!

    Single-sided Tower Capacity: 10,000 lbs.
    Double-sided Tower Capacity : 20,000 lbs

    12’ Tall Towers…$249 eachOUT of STOCK
    16’ Tall Towers…$319 each – In Stock

    48" Single Side Bases…$95 eachOUT of STOCK
    48" Double Side Bases…$175 eachOUT of STOCK

    Arms: Capacity: 2500 lbs.
    48" Straight Arms…$43 each – In Stock

    Brace Sets for 12’ Towers:
    48" ………$89 each – In Stock
    60" ………$119 each – In Stock

    Brace Sets for 16’ Towers:
    48" ………$139 each – In Stock
    60" ………$155 each – In Stock

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  • Used Roll Formed Cantilever Rack

  • Just In Used Roll Formed Short Arm Cantilever

  • (3) 10’ Roll Formed Towers (14,600 lb. cap.)…..$195.00/ea
    (3) Double Sided Bases (Each 24")…..$120.00/ea
    (2) 60" Brace Sets…..$85/ea
    (30) 12" Sloped Arms (1,200 lb cap)…..$24/ea
    (6) 12" Straight Arms (1,200 lb cap)…..$24/ea

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