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Why Choose Our Cantilever Racking Systems?

Cantilever racks are the backbone of efficient industrial storage for long and bulky items and are perfect for materials like lumber, steel bars, and pipes. At A&A Surplus, our cantilever racks offer a flexible storage solution by featuring adjustable arms for different item heights and lengths, and they lack front columns to facilitate easy access for loading and unloading.

Cantilever Racking

Key Benefits of Cantilever Racks

At A&A Surplus, our cantilever racking systems are designed with exceptional versatility, enabling easy adjustments to accommodate different sizes and shapes of inventory. Constructed from high-strength steel, these racks are built to endure heavy loads and frequent usage, making them ideal for long-term reliability. The open design of our cantilever racks ensures easy accessibility, perfectly suited for storing and handling long or bulky items such as lumber, pipes, and sheets. This blend of adaptability, durability, and accessibility makes our cantilever racking essential for any warehouse requiring efficient organization of varied and heavy items. Choose A&A Surplus for cantilever racking solutions that effectively combine quality, functionality, and robustness.

Explore Our Inventory of Cantilever Racking Systems

Our extensive inventory includes both new and used cantilever racks, ensuring you find exactly what your business needs at a competitive price. Used cantilever racks can be up to 40% cheaper than new ones, yet offer the same quality and durability. We constantly update our stock from over 15 acres of used equipment, so our selection is always fresh and diverse.
Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking

A&ASurplus Ships Cantilever Racks & Proves You With All Assembly Instructions

From our headquarters in Connecticut, we extend our shipping services to a wide array of states, including Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our team will provide you with assembly instructions or you can start by checking out our cantilever guide found here.

Whether you need cantilever racking, industrial equipment, or any other products from our extensive inventory, you can trust us to deliver promptly and efficiently. Shop with confidence knowing that A&A Surplus is committed to providing convenient shipping options.