Cantilever Rack
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CANTILEVER RACK - Installation Guide

(A)  Diagonal Attachment
(B)  Bolt Assembly  1 1/8" x 3/8"
(C)  Bolt Assembly  2" x 5/8"
(D)   Wedge Anchor
(E)  Bolt Assembly  4 5/8" x 1/2"
(F)   Cotter Pins
(G)   Arm Key

(H)  Diagonal Brace
(I)   Straight Brace



  • 1) Attach towers to base using (4) x (C) Bolt assemblies
  • 2) Stand tower / base combo up.  Attach straight bracing (I) to outside holes (J) on tower using (E) bolt assemblies.  
    For 12' towers,  use 4 straight braces.   For 16' towers, use 6 straight braces.
  • 3) Attach diagonal braces (H) to inside holes (K).   To do this,  attach diagonal braces (H)  to diagonal attachments (A) using (B) bolt assemblies .   Then attach diagonal attachments to towers using (E) bolt assemblies.   Note: Bracing should overlap and resemble photo below.

  • 4) To secure bases to floor,  install wedge anchors (D) in bottom holes of bases.
  • 5)  Attach arms to outside holes (J) and (L) on towers using bolt assembly (E) and arm key and cotter pin (F) and (G).

Note: All openings between towers will require straight bracing.  Diagonal bracing is not used in every opening between towers.  You sales representative will determine where it is needed. 

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